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Specialized in advanced-level teachings about neurophysiology and neurogenic tremors bodywork techniques

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Dr. Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni

TRE® Provider and Certification Trainer since 2007

I hold a master’s degree in biological sciences and a doctorate degree in neurophysiology. I have been training TRE providers and trainers worldwide since 2007. I worked extensively under the guidance of Dr. Berceli and I am also actively involved in scientific research on neurogenic tremors bodywork and psychophysiology.

Following my years of medical research activity in Europe and in the USA for the National Institutes of Health, my scientific work with athletes for the Italian National Olympics Committee, and driven from my own necessity to heal from trauma, I was led to integrate the knowledge and technology of modern medicine with the art of alternative healing. I am experienced with and use many other complementary therapeutic modalities such as biofeedback, applied kinesiology, yoga, and several other bodywork techniques.

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With his doctoral degree in neurophysiology Riccardo is a very skilled teacher who can perfectly blend his unique perspective on neuroscience in his teaching of TRE.

Dr. David Berceli

Developer of TRE

I have collaborated on several occasions with Riccardo. Initially, as one of my students, during a seminar on craniosacral biodynamics he constructively collaborated with others showing a genuine and profound capacity for human relationships, both in touch and in dialogue.
We then conducted a two-day experimental group with neurogenic tremors and craniosacral technique. It was very appreciated by the participants. Riccardo’s conducting is profound and fruitful for the learner.

Paolo Maderu Pincione

Trainer, therapist

Riccardo is a great teacher. He has a deep understanding of body physiology and is a lively, creative and smart teacher. His style is a wonderful mix of support and challenge that enables people to learn and grow through the process. I always enjoy working with him and have learnt a lot from his approach.

Steve Haines

Therapist, author, TRE Trainer

Riccardo is an extremely bright and creative scientist who takes innovative approaches to answer relevant scientific questions. His intellectual curiosity and insatiable reading of the scientific literature allows him to incorporate in his thinking elements of knowledge and techniques from other research areas. This trans-disciplinary capacity gives him a distinct advantage in pushing his research to the forefront of science.

Dr. Paolo Muraro

Neurologist, researcher

Riccardo has a deep and broad understanding of both the science of neuro- and psycho- physiology and the art of healing and energetic medicine methods. He is intuitive and expresses subtle ideas clearly. Riccardo’s rich background in science, healing, and interpersonal communication make his neurogenic tremors bodywork trainings particularly effective and enjoyable.

Leslie Feinberg


I really enjoyed the neurophysiology of stress advanced workshop. I am a TRE provider and this was exactly what I was looking for in an advance workshop. It has deepened my knowledge profoundly, which I am sure will positively reflect in my work with my clients. I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to be informed about the latest scientific information about the neurophysiology of stress, given in a clear and understandable way.

Pepine van den Berg

Naturopath, TRE Provider

workshop with riccardo cassiani ingoni

Introducing TRE in Europe since 2007: my story


My passion has always been biology, especially neurophysiology and the genetic and immunological mechanisms that contribute to the genesis of neurodegenerative diseases. I lived in the USA for six years. I was employed by the American Government in Bethesda, Maryland at the National Institute of Health (NIH) Research Center where I had a research contract. There I contributed to clinical studies on multiple sclerosis, a mysterious illness in which psychosomatic factors derived from trauma and stress are thought to be significant contributors. The apparent connection between the neurodegenerative diseases in general and the world of stress management inspired my personal studies. These included theoretical and practical assessments of alternative and complementary medicine techniques designed for managing emotions and physical relaxation. When I returned to Italy, I acquired a research contract at the CONI (Italian National Olympics Committee) Medicine Center. An excellent opportunity, due to my interest in applying technologies developed in the bio-neurofeedback field to athletic training.

My involvement with the TRE Method began in 2006 in Phoenix, Arizona where I attended an intensive course on biofeedback applied to the brain. As it happened, David Berceli, the creator of the TRE Method was also in attendance. We were paired up during the practical part of the course. This consisted of brainwave training sessions which included our applying electrodes to each other’s heads. During this time, we talked about our respective work interests and about bodily vibrations as a physiological response to trauma. Initially, I didn’t know that this was the premise on which David based most of his professional activity, but this concept had certainly been a strong interest of mine. As a teenager, I had experienced two major episodes in which I was overwhelmed by convulsive tremors. This worried me greatly. But, I also found it fascinating, so much so that I incorporated the experience of these episodes in the subject of not only my thesis in Biological Sciences, but also for my Neurophysiology. And, my thesis in the field of neuroethology (the study of the neurophysiological bases of animal behavior) was focused on the neuronal mechanisms of reaction to traumas, as well.

During my teens, I was fascinated by yoga, meditation, pranotherapy, meta-medicine and bioenergetics. When I was just fifteen years old, I read with great interest, the book, The Language of the Body by Alexander Lowen. I had personally experienced energetic hands-on healing which was inexplicable in scientific terms. So, initially, I was disappointed in that he did not address this type of energetic healing. However, as I continued to read, I realized that instead, I was embarking on something of great interest for an aspiring doctor or biologist. This book held information about the role of emotions and stress as tangible components that can create an impact on biological maturation of the human organism when combined with genetic influences. I was fascinated. This new interest led to more of Lowen’s book and subsequently, to personal work sessions with bioenergetics. During an early conversation with Berceli, he referred to an American colleague, Alexander Lowen. I was very surprised and at the same time fully aware that this meeting held important meaning.

TRE is essentially a self-help technique that is easy to implement on a large scale, especially in populations subject to natural disasters, for victims of chronic stress syndrome and for those in areas where access to cognitive-behavioral therapies and medical care are greatly reduced, if not totally absent. In these areas, among others, the TRE approach might be rapidly implemented and effective. And, the neurophysiological component linked to the attack-escape reactions (which have not been sufficiently discharged) can emerge quite quickly through the TRE exercises. Consequently, neurogenic bodywork is an adjunct to clinical psychotherapeutic work. I experienced the success of this combination when I added the TRE Method during my Jungian psychoanalysis. It was only then that I was finally able to retrieve distant memories and emotions at the core of my behavioral patterns that I had not been able access before.

As for my affiliation with Berceli and my interest in his method, after the first experience of our mutual neurofeedback sessions, I was impressed so I proposed a training course in Europe in which David and I could present two components; the practical part that David had created combined with my scientifically-founded theoretical expertise. For two years, I traveled far and wide across Europe conducting introductory seminars on the TRE Method, often alone, often in David’s company. In 2008, we introduced the method together in a number of European countries. By the time certification trainings were officially launched, I had gathered a substantial pool of interested individuals in nearly all the European countries. So I handled the training for all TRE operators in England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Italy. I also participated in promoting the TRE in South Africa with David. I was particularly pleased with the events in California (Esalen Institute of Big Sur) and in Washington DC. Later I contributed to the selection and training of all other European trainers and to the introduction of the TRE at numerous body technique training schools. Today, I am continually fascinated by this work and the therapeutic potential of neurogenic tremors bodywork.

Watch my video-interview with Berceli about the neurophysiological mechanisms involved in neurogenic tremors bodywork.

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